The below example projects can be downloaded, unzipped and → opened in enviMass for exemplary workflow usage. All example projects have been peak-picked and are delivered without the original measurement files. Any remaining workflow steps can be run by simply pressing the Calculate button in the enviMass UI for the preset workflow settings.
Example Project 1

Instrument: Sciex X500R QTOF
Samples / files: 3x pharmaceutical-doted samples & 1x lab blank
Workflow steps: Target & suspect screening, nontargeted componentization

Example Project 2

Instrument: Sciex 6600 TripleTOF
Samples / files: 20x river grab sample & 4x lab blinds
Workflow steps: Profiling, trend detection & intensity normalization

Example Project 3

Instrument: Thermo Orbitrap XL Velos
Samples / files: 1x water sample, 1x lab blind, calibration file series & 1x spiked water sample
Workflow steps: Calibration, quantification & recovery


  • To reduce size and allow for faster downloads, the example projects do not contain their original data.mzXML files. Since data is stored in internal data structures, this should not interfere with re-running or modifying the projects.
  • As a consequence however, adding your own data to an example project will not work.
  • Project contents have been anonymized.