webMass envibee is a GmbH (limited liability company) registered in Zürich, Switzerland. The company is run by Dr. Martin Loos and provides both a broad background in natural sciences (biogeochemistry, analytical chemistry, hydrology, geosciences) and experience in applied computer programming and data mining.

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CV Martin Loos

Education and Qualifications

2012-2015 PhD Thesis in Environmental Chemistry and Data Mining, Eawag (Dübendorf, CH) and Aalto University (Helsinki, FI). SNF mobility fellowship.

2008-2012 MSc Environmental Sciences, Major Biogeochemistry and Pollution Control, ETH Zürich (CH). Willi-Studer-Award 2012.

2001-2008 Diploma Geoecology and pre-degree Biochemistry, University of Potsdam (DE). Thesis at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (PA).

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Selected publications

  • Characterization of water-soluble synthetic polymeric substances in wastewater using LC-HRMS/MS.
    T. Mairinger, M. Loos, J. Hollender, 2021, Water Research.

  • Assessing emissions from pharmaceutical manufacturing based on temporal high-resolution mass spectrometry data.
    S. Anliker, M. Loos, R. Comte, M. Ruff, K. Fenner, H. Singer, 2020, Environmental Science and Technology.

  • Suspect screening of hydrocarbon surfactants in AFFFs and AFFF-contaminated groundwater by high resolution mass spectrometry.
    R. Garcia, A. Chiaia-Hernández, P. Lara-Martín, M. Loos, J. Hollender, K. Oetjen, C. Higgins, J. Field, 2019, Environmental Science & Technology.

  • Comprehensive micropollutant screening using LC-HRMS/MS at three riverbank filtration sites to assess natural attenuation and potential implications for human health.
    J. Hollender, J. Rothardt, D. Radny, M. Loos, J. Epting, P. Huggenberger, P. Borer, H. Singer, 2018, Water Research X.

  • Comparison of different types of landfill leachate treatments by employment of nontarget screening to identify residual refractory organics and principal component analysis.
    C. Pastore, E. Barca, G. Moro, C. Iaconi, M. Loos, H. Singer, G. Mascolo, 2018, Science of The Total Environment.

  • Nontargeted homologue series extraction from hyphenated high resolution mass spectrometry data.
    M. Loos, H. Singer, 2017, Journal of Cheminformatics.

  • Mining of high-resolution mass spectrometry data to monitor organic pollutant dynamics in aquatic systems.
    M. Loos, 2015, Thesis.

  • Prioritizing unknown transformation products from biologically-treated wastewater using high-resolution mass spectrometry, multivariate statistics, and metabolic logic.
    J. Schollée, E. Schymanski, S. Avak, M. Loos, J. Hollender, 2015, Analytical Chemistry.

  • Quantitative target and systematic non-target analysis of polar organic micro-pollutants along the river Rhine using high-resolution mass-spectrometry - Identification of unknown sources and compounds.
    M. Ruff, M. Mueller, M. Loos, H. Singer, 2015, Water Research.

  • Accelerated isotope fine structure calculation using pruned transition trees.
    M. Loos, C. Gerber, F. Corona, J. Hollender, H. Singer, 2015, Analytical Chemistry.

  • Strategies to characterize polar organic contamination in wastewater: exploring the capability of high resolution mass spectrometry.
    E. Schymanski, H. Singer, P. Longrée, M. Loos, M. Ruff, M. Stravs, C. Vidal, J. Hollender, 2014, Environmental Science & Technology.

  • Pesticide nonextractable residue formation in soil: insights from inverse modeling of degradation time series.
    M. Loos, M. Krauss, K. Fenner, 2012, Environmental Science & Technology.

  • 20 Jahre Internationale Rheinüberwachungsstation Weil am Rhein: Neuentwicklungen mithilfe der hochauflösenden Massenspektrometrie.
    M. Ruff, H. Singer, M. Mueller, M. Loos, J. Mazacek, J. Hollender, 2012, Vom Wasser.

  • Topographic controls on overland flow generation in a forest – An ensemble tree approach.
    M. Loos, H. Elsenbeer, 2011, Journal of Hydrology.

  • A tiered procedure for assessing the formation of biotransformation products of pharmaceuticals and biocides during activated sludge treatment.
    S. Kern, R. Baumgartner, D. Helbling, J. Hollender, H. Singer, M. Loos, R. Schwarzenbach, K. Fenner, 2010, Journal of Environmental Monitoring.

  • Modeling of pesticide biodegradation in soil.
    M. Loos, 2010, Thesis.

Selected conference contributions

  • Advancing a full picture on water-soluble synthetic polymers in wastewater- different ionization strategies for homologue series detection (talk).
    T. Mairinger et al., ASMS 2019, Atlanta (USA).

  • Strategy to identify industrial emissions based on long-term HRMS data time series (poster).
    S. Anliker, M. Loos, M. Ruff, R. Comte, K. Fenner, H. Singer, IMSC 2018, Florenz (I).

  • Hydrocarbon Surfactants Found in AFFFs and in AFFF-Contaminated Groundwater by High Mass Accuracy-Semi-automatic Suspect Screening (poster).
    R. García, A. Chiaia, P. Lara-Martin, M. Loos, J. Hollender, J. Field, ASMS 2018, San Diego (USA).

  • Spatiotemporal micropollutant monitoring with the LC-HRMS data mining workflow enviMass version 3 (talk).
    M. Loos, M. Ruff, S. Ruppe, J. Mazacek, H. Singer, Nontarget 2016, Monte Verita (CH).

  • Characterization of fluctuating inputs of organic micro-pollutants in wastewater treatment plant effluent applying a non-target approach (poster).
    S. Anliker, R. Comte, M. Loos, M. Ruff, H. Singer, K. Fenner, Nontarget 2016, Monte Verita (CH).

  • Going beyond the limits of LC-HR-MS/MS in structural elucidation of unknown compounds by identifying the geographical source: A river Rhine case study of a Ritalin synthesis precursor (poster).
    I. Langlois, D. Griesshaber, J. Mazacek, M. Ruff, M. Loos, H. Singer, S. Ruppe, Nontarget 2016, Monte Verita (CH).

  • Spatial and temporal micropollutant monitoring in the River Rhine using LC-HRMS (talk).
    M. Loos, R. Comte, M. Ruff, J. Hollender, H. Singer, Micropol 2015, Singapore (SG).

  • Non-targeted approach for the evaluation of concentration fluctuations in the effluent of different wastewater treatment plants (poster).
    M. Ruff, R. Comte, M. Loos, H. Singer, ASMS 2015, St. Louis (USA).

  • Clustering-based ion chromatogram extraction and peak-picking for high-resolution LC-MS data (poster).
    M. Loos, M. Ruff, H. Singer, J. Hollender, IMSC 2014, Geneva (CH).

  • enviMass 2.0 – A workflow for fast spill and trend detection of micropollutants in aquatic systems using LC-HRMS data (talk).
    M. Loos, M. Ruff, H. Singer, J. Hollender, IMSC 2014, Geneva (CH).

  • Software tools for target and nontarget screening of LC-HRMS data (poster).
    M. Loos, H. Singer, E. Schymanski, M. Ruff, J. Hollender, Langenauer Wassertage 2013 (DE)

  • Prioritizing non‐target identification in Swiss wastewater effluent: from picking peaks to programs (talk).
    E. Schymanski, M. Gerlich, M. Loos, M. Meringer, S. Neumann, C. Vidal, M. Ruff, H. Singer, M. Stravs, S. Wolf, J. Hollender, SETAC Berlin 2012 (DE).

  • Bottom-up peak grouping for unknown identification from high-resolution mass spectrometric (HRMS) data (talk).
    M. Loos, H. Singer, E. Schymanski, M. Ruff, M. Stravs, J. Hollender, ASMS 2012, Vancouver (CAN).

  • Spatial and temporal patterns of overland flow generation during dry-wet seasonal transition (poster).
    M. Loos, H. Elsenbeer, EGU 2008 Vienna (AUT).