Welcome to the company website of envibee. Our company developes computational workflow solutions for scientific data analysis. With an emphasis in analytical sciences, envibee implements and maintains data mining software tailored to the specific needs of customers such as laboratories or research facilities and their individual research settings.
Analysis of scientific data is a multifaceted and interdisciplinary task. Often, large data sets need to be routinely mined for relevant information or interesting trends and the results prioritized, summarized and visualized. This can be automatized and achieved with the proper computational tools. Unfortunately, the development and even usage of such tools is rarely straightforward.

On the one hand, analysis is specific. Computational tools need hence not only be implemented but also customized and thoroughly streamlined. The resulting workflows must be flexible enough to be updated with new data and to be fed with new parameters or optional analysis steps. At the same time, performance issues such as workflow speed, stability and reproducibility have to be accounted for.

On the other hand, most scientific workflow users are normally not that trained in computer coding and informatics as to develop reliable workflow solutions or are fully absorbed into the process of data acquisition. Hence, they rather rely on user-friendly interfaces and workflow guidance.

The efficient development of the aforementioned tools and workflows necessitates a combination of scientific background knowledge and programming skills. envibee offers both.


For sound outcomes, computational tools and solutions are best conceptualized and developed in close interrelation with individual customers. Core functionalities of tools are herein built, modularized and organized into the desired workflows, incorporating different programming languages (R, C, Phython, HTML, JS, ...) and optional access to external databases, amongst others. The resulting sofware packages can then be locally installed and utilized through browser-based user interfaces. Thus, the packages can be compiled for different operation systems such as Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Our products are generally open-source (e.g., GPL) licensed. In most cases, customers will not pay license fees but the actual development or modification and maintenance of a software package. Upon request, the packages can be made openly accessible. Please have a look at the ongoing software projects for examples of such packages.
envibee is a company located in Zürich (Switzerland) and combines competence in programming, natural sciences and data mining to develop and maintain customized workflow applications. Learn more about the company or directly contact us for further inquiries.
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